The Low Stress Investor

You’re in the right place.

We’re an intuitive investment community focused on low stress, low cost strategies to build generational wealth.

Our financial education is inspired by the latest research on the wealthiest women in the United States.

We are equipping women on savings as self-care, real estate investing strategies, financial and non-financial decisions that promote generational wealth building.

We lead with cultivating an abundance mindset to guide intuitive investing as a lifestyle. It’s a whole vibe.

Start or expand your savings today.

Authenticity & Simplicity

The Low Stress Investor helps women achieve financial stability, security, and freedom through intuitive investing, empowerment, and simplicity, in community with other like-minded women.

As your intuitive investment resource, we equip you with how to maximize an abundance mindset, generate wealth through purpose-driven financial and real estate strategy, and intuitively invest in alignment with your lifestyle. Our approach is sustainable, savvy, and service oriented. Be you. Be brave.

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