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Low stress, low cost intuitive investing.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m a laid back, analytical, sometimes refined, sometimes boho lover of yoga, hiking, and good caffeine-free tea. I have the work ethic of the good Cleveland mid-westerner I am, and my Dallas cowgirl boots in my closet. As creator of LIVE WELL, I’m a wellness enthusiast turned generational wealth advocate who believes we are blessed to be a blessing.

Did you know that your regular savings account might lose money over time?  Crazy, right?  That’s one of many insights I’ll share with you.

I’m a real estate investing educator, entrepreneur, speaker, and strategist. I spend my time helping women advance in purpose, wellness, and economic freedom. 

I set a goal to help one million women invest six figures and beyond. I hope you’ll be one of them.

My doctorate specializes in female empowerment, and my professional experience has been rooted in education, facilitation, training, and business. Always centering women. Always centering empowerment.

I’m grateful to pull together these gifts for community building and the greater good of helping you save, grow, and give with clarity.

Women have talent, thoughtfulness, and intuition that often go untapped or marginalized when it comes to finance and real estate. I love a girl with a solid money mindset. If that’s you or if you want that to be you, check out the Beyond the Buy Kit, Sugar Shack Audio Intensive, and let’s chat in the mastermind. You’ve got this.

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